Wings Complete

Winglets paint trimmed

winglets complete and trimmed

Wings, Ailerons, Rudders complete

wing complete

Aileron paint/Balance and linkage


Aileron  linkage with alignment pin installed

aileron control aileron control2 aileron link

Aileron balanced


Aileron balance setup

Finishing wings


Micro’d and epoxy coated

Aileron Bearings

  aileron bearing and bell crank


Aileron bearing replaces phenolic bushing

Lower Winglet

Bottom of winglet attached


Winglet Attached

Longez kicked out of the nest

Loaded on the trailer

Tucked in its new home. I just need my wings to fly!

Trim Paint another view



Canard painted and fitted

Vacuum System plumbed

Filter added and plumbed to DG and VG

Regulator mounted and plumbed

Regulator and Filter plumbing