Engine Run

First engine run on 6-10-14.  All looked good except for the T-30 digital tach.  I will have to check the set up and make sure it is for 2 pulses per rev. and maybe add some software filtering.  I the Insight engine monitor showed good even CHTs and EGTs.  Alternator was charging and the warning lite went out like it should.  Checked both the Pmag and regular mag and both working fine.  Pmag continued to funtion with the RPM above 900 and circuit breaker pulled as it should with its internal power  alternator.  Oil pressure was about 60 PSI shown on the gauge.  Fuel Pressure was good on both the mechanical and electeric pumps.  The Ellison Throttle Body worked well out of the box.  I will go through thier setup proceedures on the next engine run.  My battery is over 10 years old and crapped out, so I ordered a new Odyssey battery with boo coo starting capacity! 

 Click on Engine Start for Video

Engine Start 6-10-14



Wings moved to hanger

Wings to airport

Wings moved to hanger.  They will be installed after a successfull engine run.

Prop Install

Mag timed and engine re-installed

Prop Install 2

 Prop installed ready for first engine run

Prop Install 1

Mag Timing

Pulling Engine for Left Mag Timing


Engine Pull 1

Engine pull 2

Left Mag

Timing way off, so left mag needed to be pulled, which require the engine be pulled back.  Tight fit!



Wheel mod for Lamb Tires and Tubes

Tire and wheel mounted

wheel brakes

Lamb tire mounted

Lamb tire

Matco machined groove for Lamb tube valve stem


motified wheel half

Wings Complete

Winglets paint trimmed

winglets complete and trimmed

Wings, Ailerons, Rudders complete

wing complete

Aileron paint/Balance and linkage


Aileron  linkage with alignment pin installed

aileron control aileron control2 aileron link

Aileron balanced


Aileron balance setup

Priming Wings



Primed and ready for paint



Right Wing Primed

Finishing wings


Micro’d and epoxy coated

Wings micro’d


ready to sand


Micro’d ready to sand