For the wings, I was fortunate enough to find someone who was willing to split his Longez project up and sell them to me. The wings and ailerons were beautifully built and excellent workmanship. I was able to save many months of work.

I leveled the aircraft and drilled the wing bolt holes. This was a very time consuming part as it took at least 1 hour per hole for the six holes. Much time was spent setting the wings at the right incidents and sweep. As you can see Waste Management trash barrels were a big help and just the write higth.

Setting Incidence before drilling wing bolt holes 10-23-04

Setting Incidence before drilling wing bolt holes 10-23-04

Right Wing drilled and bolted on!10-24-04

Left wing ready to drill 10-27-04

Left wing ready to drill 10-27-04

Both Wings are bolted on.

Incidence, sweep, and level are all right on!! 10-30-04

Fuel Strakes

I purchased the leading edges for the strakes from Featherlite. The quality of the parts is excellent, but the instructions are minimal. They do not supply the bulkheads with their leading edges any more, so with little to no instructions it was a guessing game. I tried using the pattern from the original drawings, but they were not right. I ended up cutting cardboard bulkheads and trimming those to fit. They were then used as patterns. Featherlite did include an article written by John York on how he installed the strakes. On the first page it warned about trimming the strakes at the wrong angle. Yep, I made the same mistake on the outboard strake ends. John York’s article was very helpful. I did not do mine exactly the same way, but was able to modify his procedure to shorten the time to build the strakes.

With the wing on I built the right outboard bulkhead and then trimmed the leading edge to fit.

I duplicated this procedure for the left side.

Picture from the bottom showing boards to hold the edge straight

Another View

Right Strake Bulkheads

Left Strake Bulkheads

Now to prepare for the top and bottom skins 7-17-05

Bottom Right Strake

Weighted In Place

Left fuel tank glassed with vent lines

Fuel screen installed

Left strake with Fuel Sump Blister

Window Install in Strakes

Strake Window left

Window Bottom View

Atkinson Fuel Gauge

Top of left strake ready for glass

Left strake glassed 4-2-06

Top of right strake ready for glass

Right strake glassed 4-13-06

Sanding and filling

More Sanding and Filling

Sanding and filling began on 6-25-06

Andair Fuel Select valve installation

Fuel valve boxed in and lower thigh support hinged

Lower thigh support hinged and in up position